Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Surprised by an open door

So these are just tidbits I'm remembering from time to time since Ashley wants me to write my "memoires."
This would be: Surprised by an open door.

It was Christmas time. Cousin Reese was either visiting (likely), or the time he was living with us (also possible). Dad had received an invisible dog. If you are not familiar with the invisible dog, it comprises a harness and a slightly flexible rod disguised as a leash. Thus, one can walk holding this rod out front and it appears you are walking a small dog in front of you; except of course, there is no dog, just the harness pulling on the leash.
Reese was playing with the invisible dog and seeing if he could be annoying. At least I thought he was trying to be annoying. I told him to stop. Naturally, he found this "order" to be an invitation to see how far he could go. Being a hot head at the time, I launched after him and he took off like a houseafire, raced around the corner and up the stairs and locked himself in the upstairs bathroom. Feeling safely locked in, he could not help but ensure that I knew that. Quickly analyzing the situation, I planted my booted foot expeditiously against the door. Yes, a couple of wood-screws in the ancient door frame were little match for the full force kick. The shock on Reese's face was one for the ages as the defensless lad stood staring at the dreaded Norm. I think I slapped him once, but the situation was so pricelss for both of us that it ended there. Reese fondly reminds me of that just about every time we see each other.

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