Monday, November 10, 2008

Oh my goodness. I never gave a d___ about blogs

Here we go. The last thing I was ever interested in; but, Ash thinks this might be a good way for me to generate my memoirs. Assuming I can take the time to put them here.

But memory is failing me quickly. It's just plain scary. I was thinking of a memory just a moment ago, but creating this blog spot has pushed it out of mind.

The only reason I'm even considering doing this is seeing how impressive Meghann McKnight's blog is; "". She does an "amazing" job.

No way I can reach that standard, especially since I rarely photograph anything and her's is a very fine photo-log with exquisite captions. I just intend to try to recollect stuff from time to time and stick it in there.

So! Here we are. Hello, world.

1 comment:

Meghann said...

I look forward to your musings!

And thank you for your comments about my blog. It is nice to hear that people enjoy my ramblings :)